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Buy These Easter Sweet Baked Goods At Your Local Bakery

You can drop by your local bakery at any time of the year to buy bread, buns, and muffins, but it's worthwhile to schedule a bakery visit in advance of Easter to buy some sweet baked goods. If you have young children, having Easter-specific treats in your home can be a fun surprise at this time of the year. Even families that don't have young children may want to buy some of these products for get-togethers with family and friends. You can expect that the bakery will have a selection of Easter products, including the following.

Hot Cross Buns

Few baked goods are as synonymous with Easter as hot cross buns. While you can buy mass-produced hot cross buns at most supermarkets in advance of Easter, you'll enjoy a higher amount of freshness and quality when you buy this product at a local bakery. The sweet dough, which is filled with small pieces of dried fruit, often has intersecting lines of icing across the top. You and your family and guests can warm hot cross buns in the oven, slice them, and butter them for a tasty and rich treat.

Easter Bunny Cookies

For many children, Easter is all about eagerly anticipating an overnight visit from the Easter Bunny. If you have young kids, a fun baked good to buy at this time of the year is a selection of Easter Bunny cookies that you can hide around your home. Your local bakery will have all sorts of these cookies. Some of them will be shaped like a bunny's head, while others will depict the bunny's whole body. Of course, they'll be covered in colorful icing — often featuring the pastel pinks, blues, and yellows that are popular hues for this annual celebration.

Easter Bread

There are all sorts of Easter bread that you'll be able to find at your local bakery, many of which are woven and shaped like a wreath. This type of baked good can be special to present on the table at a family get-together — for example, if you're gathering with some loved ones for an Easter brunch after church. Some of these breads are sweet, with icing and even pieces of colorful chocolate Easter eggs embedded in them. Others aren't as sweet, which may be desirable for some members of your gathered group. Visit a bakery in your area, such as Ruby Jean Patisserie, before Easter this year to learn more about what seasonal baked goods are available.

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Learning More About Baking Cookies

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